Ceremony Sound reinforcement


Most of the weddings I do between May and October use this option, as it is much cheaper than live music and easier to do the ceremony on site at most venues instead of a church

I use a full separate sound system for the ceremony, so there is no awkward moving of equipment between the ceremony and reception, and up to four separate mics can be used

The price includes the ceremony in two locations as long as they are the same address, if they are at two different addresses, the price for the ceremony is $300 instead



Many venues are very plain and need a bit of help with that “special look”

If your venue has white walls or white ceilings, or both, it would be a great candidate for using uplighting to enhance the look

You can pick just about any color you can think of, and the walls/ceilings can become that color

It is helpful to have plugins in close proximity to where the light needs to be, as running cords around the room can be a bit unsightly

Uplighting also looks very good behind the head table, especially if decorated in tule

Medium light show


Some weddings have really large dance floors, and you may feel like you need a bit more light coverage than the free light show offers, so this option doubles the lighting from 4 to 8 fixtures

This option adds about 5 to 10 minutes additional to the expected setup time

Expanded light show


If you are really wanting a whole lot of lighting spinning around the room, this option does add several more lights that also spin and strobe and change shapes and gobos around the room

As fun as it may be, I would not recommend this for audiences with a lot of elderly guests, as it could be disorienting or annoying to them

Additional Glowsticks

$20 per 100

A big hit at most every event, the kids and adults alike seem to love to wear or play with the glowsticks!

They can be worn and bracelets, necklaces or as a lot of kids like to do…jump ropes as well

They are only $15 per 100 and you are welcome to get as many as you like

Keep in mind, all packages already include some, so don’t order more unless you think you will really need them