My equipment (constantly replaced to stay looking brand new)

ME vs. Others

Other DJ's might use (these are actual photos taken of other DJ's equipment)

I use a dual deck CD player to play all your special dances, then switch over to digital files for the party, it is also a backup in case there was ever computer trouble

I use a dedicated amplifier for the main speakers and a separate one for the subs, this improves efficiency and sound quality. My larger systems use double and even triple the amplifers.

Some DJ's don't even have a cordless mic, some have bad quality ones. I carry two professional cordless mics in my rack.

Along with two cordless mics, I also carry two Shure (name brand) corded mics with me and even a lint brush to keep the dress attire looking good.

Some DJ's don't use subwoofers, this makes the sound very hollow and can distort the other speakers they use. Other DJ's use small subwoofers. I carry two 21" subwoofers (the largest on the mobile market) to give you true high quality sound you can feel.

I use high quality, heavy guage locking Speakon connectors for my speakers. This prevents amps from overheating or shorting out and provides maximum signal from the amplifier to the speakers themselves.

These are just some of the extra cables I bring with me, just in case they are needed for odd placement or to replace a bad cable, some DJ's don't carry any!

Sometimes none!

I always dress for the occasion...this DJ not only didn't dress up, but this is his entire audio system, subwoofer and all (the reason you always hire a professional, respectable DJ)