Whatever you do, do NOT use discjockeysnow.com. They show up first on most Google searches with a paid Google listing but are based out of Florida and don't own DJ equipment. This is how they work:

*You book with them and pay them in full up front

*They wait until a week or so before your event and call around to "try" to find you a DJ in your area who isn't booked already and since it is last minute notice, most DJ's with an opening will take the show for a few hundred bucks and something to do. But the problem is you have no idea who your DJ will be (or if you will actually get one) until a few days before your reception. It is conceivably possible you will get a good DJ, but discjockeysnow.com has never met any of their DJ's or seen them in action, so not only are you not guaranteed to have a DJ, but neither you nor the company you hired have any idea if they are any good.

*I have done several shows for them (I NO LONGER DO ANY FILL IN SHOWS FOR THEM AS I WILL NOT BE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS KIND OF BUSINESS PRACTICE) and only once have I ever gotten even the name of the bride/groom more than 4 days before the reception, and I had one Saturday in 2013 where discjockeysnow.com called me on Saturday morning and asked if I had anyone or knew anyone who was available because they had 3 weddings that night with no DJ.

*If you don't think your DJ met your expectations, discjockeysnow.com will refrain from paying your DJ and still try to keep as much of your money for themselves as they can. They have been sued by both couples and the DJ's who work for them and have gone by a few different names throughout the years because of this.

*It's bad enough to book a bad DJ, but so much worse to have one not show up at all!